Right On Time: Choose a Watch That Syncs with Your Style

Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012 10:59 AM GMT

One of the greatest accessory investments you can make is in a wristwatch.

If you own one already, then you’d attest to the fact that it’s something you never leave home without! If you don’t posses a trendy timepiece, then today is the day you should treat yourself to one!

From stainless steel links and leather straps, to wrap watches and pieces boasting bold colors, there are a slew of styles fit for you to clock in on. If you want to find yourself the perfect wrist candy to spend a little (or a lot) of moolah on, then browse through our breakdown of specific styles to find which design suits you best.

The Boho-Chic Chick: Listen up; you’re going to want a watch that is as funky and free flowing as your style is! For you, we love the leather wrap watch with chain and stone embellishments. These trendy accents provide a much-welcomed twist to the watch we all know and love. The wrap strap screams boho-chic and is available in many different styles and colors so you’ll be sure to find one that blends with your style persona perfectly.

The Sporty Stylista: You are quite the active lady and you need something that is as high performing as you are! When shopping for the perfect watch, opt for one with a rubber strap. This will allow you major comfort since you’re moving around 24/7. Also, be sure to invest in one that's waterproof for those days when you're doing your morning jogs on the beach!

The Timeless Belle: If you’re on the hunt for a timeless timepiece then there are a few things you need to remember. Stay away from leather straps with prints on them, such as reptile or other animal prints, as these trends will fade over time. Also, steer clear of color. Stainless steel or gold linked watches is the best bet for you since these styles will match every outfit you’ll ever wear and their designs are classy and truly timeless.

The Minimalist: ‘Less is more’ is the mantra you live by. You’re comfort lies in things that are refined and subtle looking. For you, a thin, leather strap watch would be ideal. Simple and practical, this style provides all the style and time keeping needs you need in your life.

The Bold & Daring Fashionista: Reserved and safe are two words that are not in your fashion vocabulary. You are the most-fashion forward lady in your group of gal pals and you wouldn’t have it any differently! You should spring for a watch that is in-your-face, yet totally chic all at the same time. Go for one that makes you stick out; you like it that way!

The Bling Queen: If you’re a flashy fashionista who likes to show off a little somethin’ somethin’ wherever you go, then treat yourself to some uber-swanky wrist candy. You could go the rhinestone-all-around-the-strap route, but for something a little more wearable on the day-to-day, spring for something that has some flashy accents on the face of the watch.

The Environmentalist: You like fashion-forward pieces, but you’re also an advocate for supporting nature, which is why you should go with a timepiece company that shares your same belief system. WeWood makes lovely wooden watches and for every one bought, the company plants a tree! It’s a perfect fit.

The Trendy Gal: You like to sport all the latest and greatest fads and although we’ve been preaching bright colors for spring, as far as timepiece trends go – things are a little more muted. Deep, chocolate brown as well as chain strap watches are exciting our fashion radars this season! The deep drown is a luscious hue we're loving and the chain strap watches are satisfying our vintage obbsessions.

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