Michael Kors Debuts Limited Edition Runway Watch

Posted Friday August 17, 2012 1:19 PM GMT

He never does anything halfway, so when it was announced that Michael Kors was working on a limited edition runway watch, the industry took note.

Kors adapted the New York-inspired design from another of his best-selling pieces, but this time he’s only making 2,000 to go around.

Priced at $650, the New York Runway Watch features a diamond at the 12 spot and the words “New York” embellished on the face. On the back, Kors added a silhouette of the NYC skyline.

Michael told press, “I like the idea that our jet-set customers can wear this watch anywhere in the world and still have a piece of New York with them. [New York] is the absolute nexus of the smartest, most creative, unconventional, open-minded, curious and fast-moving people anywhere in the world.”

Photo Credit: Michael Kors

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