Like It, Love It or Leave It: Dr. Brandt's Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream

Posted Saturday December 28, 2013 9:49 AM GMT

PRODUCT: Dr. Brandt's Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream

PRICE: $45

THE CLAIM: The brand states the eye cream is "a dynamic shield boosted with anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-stress ingredients [that] protects, hydrates and smoothes the eye area, providing 12 hours of protection from free radicals."

OUR TEST: We incorporated the product into our skincare routine twice a day — once in the morning, and again at night. Using our ring finger (which is what you all should be using to apply eye cream, by the way) we dabbed a small amount of product underneath each eye. The silk-like formula is virtually weightless and dries very quickly, allowing us to apply makeup soon after application. We did notice that our undereye concealer stayed on better throughout the day, and that particular area on our faces stayed hydrated all day long — it never felt tight or dry.

VERDICT: We like it! The moisturizing properties in this paraben and fragrance-free formula are fantastic, but if you suffer from dark circles, this product will do nothing for you. Throughout our six-week study, it didn't diminish the look of tired eyes at all, which is something many beauty queens (us included) crave from an eye cream. So, if you want something that tackles all problem areas around your peepers, you may want to forgo this particular good. However, if intense hydration and anti-aging properties are all you require, then take the plunge with Dr. Brant. You won’t be disappointed.

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