The Beauty of a Fashionable Life: 20 Lessons We've Learned in Our 20s

Posted Wednesday November 20, 2013 10:01 AM GMT

Like many things in life, a 20-something's thoughts on the subjects of style and beauty are a steady evolution.

From those 'why did I ever wear that?' moments to beauty blunders, and beyond — figuring out what works and what doesn't in this particular decade can be especially, well, difficult.

As editors, it's no different. So, that's where we are, millennials, finding our way through, admittedly, not the most challenging area of life, yet a challenge nonetheless. And, after much consideration and a few remaining questions, we complied a list of 20 pieces of information we can confidently — and personally — stand behind. We'll call it The 20 Lessons We've Learned in Our 20s [And Wish We Would've Known Sooner].

Read our rules to live by, below. Good Luck!

1. Classic beats trendy, every time. Build your wardrobe on staples not fleeting statement pieces. Your closet (and your wallet) will be forever thankful.

2. If you have to ask if you look fat, you probably do. Don't forget it.

3. Never get dressed in the dark. You'll end up with deodorant stains, backwards pants, or both. Been there, regretted that.

4. If you want great skin later, take care of it now. That means put the down the cigarette, moisturize twice a day, and remove your makeup every night. Besides, no one really pulls off the morning-after look anyway.

5. When someone compliments your hair, say thank you. The older you get, the harder those are to come by.

6. Despite the urge, do not pick at your pimples. Mom was right — it only makes them worse.

7. Wear sunscreen. Period.

8. Buy clothes for the size you are — not the size you hope, wish, dream or plan to be. We can assure you that never getting to wiggle into those size two jeans is far suckier than simply bumping up a measurement.

9. That said, get in best shape of your life. After all, you're in your prime.

10. One-piece bathing suits are in fact sexy — and in many cases much sexier that packing yourself into an unflattering bikini. It's true.

11. Accessories are meant to complement, not create a look. Think more Coco Chanel pearls and less Flava Fav chain necklace clock. Yeah, this actually needed to be said.

12. When in doubt, wear black.

13. Leggings have become pants. Whether you're on the happy or totally pissed side of this truth, heed one piece of knowledge: See-through bottoms are unacceptable, so choose accordingly, or show up on — your choice.

14. Exercise to feel good, not look good. Why? Because if you stick to the first, you're more likely to achieve both.

15. Just because something looks fabulous on someone else, does not mean the same for you. Find your best fit and keep to it. Fads change, body frames don't.

16. Harem pants aren't meant for regular humans. Unless you're Justin Bieber or Nicole Richie, please refrain. If not, be prepared to get kicked in your drop-crotch. (We've seen it happen.)

17. A beautiful bag and a pair of heels really can change your (fashion) life. Splurge on them. That crop top tank though? Not so much. Save your pennies for a timeless piece.

18. Always leave the house in your undergarments you're okay with being seen in. You never know where the day will take you. Trust us.

19. While it might be hard to accept, (most) men really hate ... duck faces, Ugg boots and high-waisted shorts ... and a multitude of our other go-to trends.

20. Lastly, but most importantly, dress how you want to. Forget rules, trends and worries. Your 20s are about experimenting and finding what style fits you. Wear what you want, look how you want, and make no apologies.

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