Adorable Holiday-Inspired Manis to DIY on a Snowday

Posted Tuesday December 10, 2013 9:15 AM GMT

The holiday season is reigning in, and it’s time to deck out our nails with a spirited mani!

The celebrity Nail Tech's at Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Nail Lacquers shared two of their favorite designs that are easy and achievable — even for the novice nail artists.

Show off your sweet side with a red and white candy cane edition, or get frosty with a snowflake option. To create the looks at home, all you’ll need are the right colors, a striper brush (available at your local drug store) and a toothpick.

Follow their step-by-step instructions below and click through the gallery for a closer look at the artwork. Happy holidays!

Step 1: After a clear basecoat, apply ‘ME’ Phenom (or any shade of blue you like) to nails and allow to dry.
Step 2: Using ‘Me’ Opulence (or any white polish), paint an X on the nail with a striper brush.
Step 3: Paint another X crossing through the center.
Step 4: Use a detailer brush to create backwards arrows.
Step 5: Create additional arrow details to complete the snowflake.
Step 6: Paint an X on the diagonal tip of the nail to start a second snowflake.
Step 7: Repeat steps 3-5 to create additional details.
Step 8: Remember, no two snowflakes are the same, so be creative! Use a detailer brush or dotter tool (toothpick) to add dots.

Candy Cane:
Step 1: After applying a clear basecoat, coat all nails using ‘ME’ Moon Kissed (or any shade of shimmery white).
Step 2: Using a striper brush, paint a slanted line with ‘ME’ Red-iculous (or any shade of red you like).
Step 3: Repeat Step 3 on the same nail.
Step 4: Continue painting stripes in different thicknesses across nails. To ensure your stripes are straight, you might consider enlisting the help of a friend to paint your second hand!

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