Heading for Vacation? Sally Hansen Has Your Waterproof Needs ... Nailed

Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013 1:46 PM GMT

To state the obvious, all nail polish is waterproof. But that doesn’t stop our mani’s from chipping, fading and losing their luster after a day at the beach. Fear not: Sally Hansen has come to the rescue!

The brand new Sally Hansen Triple Shine Collection contains 29 bright summery shades that are specially designed with an “Ultimate Shield Complex” to withstand showers, washing your hands, and any tropical getaway.

With names like Reef-Raf (pink), Dive In (teal), Make Waves (glitter teal), Red Snapper (red,) and Oyster Bar (white), we’re ready to book our spring break. And at just $4.99 a pod, it’ll be hard to resist slipping one of these into your bag.

Shop them now at drugstores worldwide.

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