Russell Brands Readying Women's Fitness Initiative

Posted Thursday April 5, 2012 2:27 PM GMT

With the added emphasis on getting healthy these days, Russell Brands is gearing up to give ladies more options when getting dressed for the gym.

The active apparel company has conjured up an 18-piece collection to make a major push into the women’s fitness market.

VP of Advertising Kelly Thompson explained, “We want to be competitive with the Champions of the world. We’ll also be making a big digital push with well-known bloggers and paper-clip programs [digital search engines] to drive everything to our Web site, and we’ll be launching a Facebook page because we want to have conversations with women….Price is very important, and we’ll be competitive with Champion. We want to deliver the same quality as Champion but at a great value.”

“We did a big segmentation study that told us who the consumer is and what she is shopping for in athletic apparel. She’s typically in her mid-30s and affluent. Russell Athletic is for the soccer mom or the woman who’s running a 5K. The category has changed over the past five years. Before, it was more workout wear. Now it’s a lifestyle category.”

To that end, Russell has priced their new collection at a comfortable range of $18 up to $50, with plenty of sizes and colors to accommodate a wide customer base.

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