Haute Hardware: DIY Rose Gold Statement Necklace

Posted Monday November 5, 2012 1:16 PM GMT

A swanky, eye-catching statement necklace is one of the most important things a gal could own this season.

Talk about effortless fashion: Throw this baby on over top a sleek sheath dress or snazzy peplum top and you’ll be well on your way to stylista status in no time.

Now, before you high tail it over to your fave retailer to snag one of these babies, we suggest you redirect your route to the nearest hardware store. That’s right, the hardware store.

A fellow DIYer at Stripes & Sequins discovered some lovely rose gold pieces at her local tool supply shop and fastened them together to create one striking statement necklace!

Here’s how to make one yourself:

What you'll need:
- A few yards of black satin ribbon (1/4″ wide)
- 2 packages of crimp sleeve connectors (Two different sizes were used for this project)

How to:
- Start by tying a knot and sliding on three connectors. Weave the end back through the first connector and pull tightly.
- Continue this pattern by pushing one end through a connector on each side and then putting both ends through an additional connector. When you reach your desired length, tie a knot and then weave your ribbon back through the last connector. Slip on an additional connector, and weave your ribbon back through the adjacent connector.
- Continue the pattern of adding on one connector and then weaving your thread through the adjacent connector. Once you have two full rows of connectors, you will want to begin tapering it on each side by threading your ribbon through two connectors on each side before adding a third row (as demonstrated in the bottom left.) Continue making rows.
- Continue along, forming a crescent shape.
- After three full rows of connectors, I opted to start using a smaller size to add a little bit of interest. This is not necessary but adds just a little extra texture. Continue tapering and adding rows until you get to the center.
- Once you reach the center, finish the necklace off by weaving your ribbon back up through the right side of the necklace. Tie a knot at the end, and leave about 14″ of ribbon on each side.

Photo Credit: Stripes & Sequins

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